2021 3rd International Conference on Biotechnology and Food Science(BFS 2021)
Prof. Chun Cui


Speech title:

Research Process in New Umami Molecules and Its Enzymatic Preparation


Using plant proteolysis products, lactic acid, vinegar or vegetable oil as raw materials, a series of new high-efficiency umami flavors are prepared through the targeted catalysis of special enzymes, including lactic acid acyl amino acids, lactic acid acyl peptides, acetic acyl amino acids, acetic acyl peptides, fatty acyl amino acids, and fats acyl peptide. More than 20 kinds of enzymatically modified nucleotides and enzymatically modified taste peptides have realized the preparation of green and clean labels. The enzymatic preparation technology increased the umami intensity of nucleotides by more than 2 times, converted bitter amino acids and bitter peptides into thick and umami peptides, and significantly improved food flavor and thick flavor at a concentration of 200 mg/kg. On this basis, the taste characteristics of the above-mentioned umami agents were systematically evaluated, which laid a theoretical foundation for their application in food.