2021 3rd International Conference on Biotechnology and Food Science(BFS 2021)
Prof. Yan He


Speech title:

Excavating novel biomarkers from human microbiome


Gut microbiome is closely associated with many human diseases, therefore it is possible to excavate novel biomarkers from human microbiome for disease diagnosis, screening, risk assessment and precision medicine. Our group have identified potential biomarkers for preeclampsia risk assessment and stroke prognosis prediction. Moreover, low reproducibility of microbiome biomarker is a major challenge for its further mechanism studies and translation. We found that human gut microbiome exibhits a strong geographical effect that disease-related biomarkers also vary significantly among different geographical locations, which could be an important reason to understand the low reproducibity of microbiome biomarkers. Hence, our group have initiated the Chinese Association for cLinical Microbiome (CALM) to conduct multi-regional human microbiome studies with nearly 100 hospitals around China, aiming to provide a comprehensive dataset to help define healthy and disease microbiomes.